Cara Bella   Skin Care Boutique

Swedish - Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
Focuses on specific muscle systems using slow strokes and deep pressure to release chronic patterns of muscular pain in restricted areas of the body. Any specific sports related injury discussed.

60 min$90.00
90 min$125.00
120 min $150.00

Swedish - Relaxation / Restorative Massage
Gentle, but firm pressure and long strokes which improves body flexibility, increases blood circulation and eases muscle tension, leaving the client feeling relaxed and refreshed.

60 min$90.00
90 min$125.00
120 min$150.00

Massage Therapy

Hot/Warm Stone Therapy

The use of heated smooth polished lava stones placed under and on top of the body combined with pressure and massage brings a sense of deep relaxation while relieving stress and easing muscle tension.

75 min$125.00
90 min$140.00