Chemical Peels Pre and Post Recommendaions

  • Pre-Treatment-    Refrain from these activities 5-7 days prior to your treatment.

  • Avoid any irritants to your skin including retinoids and retinol, glycolic, salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide, astringents, and Vitamin C.

  • Do not wax, tweeze, thread or use depilatory creams.

  • Do not tan

  • If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, consider a peel alternative such as Microdermabrasion or our Oxygen Peel/Treatment.

  • Continue to use other skin care products, including hydroquinone.

  • No Botox, collagen, or other dermal filler injections for 1-2 weeks prior to a peel.

  • Chemical peels cannot typically be applied to skin being treated with prescription drugs, especially Accutane.

  • Make sure you are using SPF30  or stronger every day

  • Post -Treatment /Home Care-   Total Peel process is 14-24 days

  • Aerobic exercise or vigorous physical activity should be avoided for the first 48hours.

  • Direct sunlight exposure is to be completely avoided following treatment (including any strong UV light exposure and tanning beds) for the first 7 days.

  • You must apply sunscreen 50 or greater at all times, even with at home.(Sunlight from uncovered windows also must be avoided) for the first 4-6 weeks

  • SPF 30 or greater should be a part of your daily skin care regimen, as your skin will become more sensitive to the sun as a result of this treatment.

  • Any sun exposure within the first 7 days(even though sunscreen is applied) can cause hyperpigmentation.

  • DO NOT apply any type of glycolic acid or exfoliation products as this can severely damage or irritate the skin during the healing process.

  • DO NOT Peel, rub, pick or scratch your skin at any time, whatsoever. This WILL cause damage and compromise your results as well as severe scarring.

  • Cleans your face with water and a mild soap substitute such as any organic/natural product for sensitive skin.

  • Gently moisturize your face using any organic/natural product (Cerve, Aquaphor, Neosporin, Vasoline or Aloe vera) product for sensitive skin a minimum of 3 times a day​

  • In the event that you may have additional questions or concerns regarding your treatment contact your therapist immediately.   

Jessner Acid Peel  

Peel Level :Med-High
Skin Type : All
Improved skin tone, texture and clarity, shallow wrinkles, Softens crow's feet, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Increase in collagen and elastin production.
Ingredients: Fortified powerful antioxidant, including mix of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol in a 95% ethanol solution. Especially formulated to minimize the effect of free radical damage.

           Our Peels

​ Package Pricing Available   3 for $375 ($125 each)

            Cara Bella   Skin Care Boutique

Salicylic Acid Peel
Peel Level :Med-High
Skin Type : Normal-Oily
Reduction of acne inflammation, clogged pores, removing blackheads, whiteheads and diminishing acne scarring, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, ingrown hairs, improved texture and clarity.
Ingredients: Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and one of the most effective ingredients to help combat the cause of facial oil, acne and blemishes.   

 Fusion Acid Peel 
Peel Level : Low-Med

Skin Type : All

Fine Lines, Sun Damage,Blackheads
Large, Clogged Pores, Acne Marks & Scars, Age Spots,Uneven Skin Tone,
Ingredients: Combination of glycolic, TCA, salicylic and lactic acids with fruit enzymes.    $150    

Glycolic Acid Peel

Peel Level :Low-Med
Skin Type : All skin types particularly normal to dry, sun damaged, sensitive, dull, uneven and dehydrated.
Benefits: Overall Rejuvenation, Decreases visibility of fine lines, Promotes cellular turnover, May reduce occurrences of hormonal acne, Improves dry skin, lightens age and dark spots, lessens fine lines and rejuvenates that skin’s surface.
Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), is a chemical exfoliant originally sourced from sugarcane and used for beautification by ancient civilizations. Modern Glycolic peels are chemically engineered to make them more effective, standardized, and accessible to the masses.    $150

All chemical peels are  60 min treatments that include deep exfoliation, collagen mask,

powerful peptide and growth factor serum and sunscreen .


Peel Level :Med-High
Skin Type : TCA is or All skin types, normal to oily, sun damaged, dull, and uneven skin.
Benefits: Improved skin tone, Increase in collagen and elastin production. TCA is also beneficial for gradually removing unwanted freckles,Targets deep wrinkles & scarsImproves and lifts sagging skinHelps even out texture issues Addresses uneven skin tone and discoloration
Ingredients: Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) is a rapid penetrating agent that is commonly used as a spot treatment on various parts of the body in addition to the face.    $150

​Vitamin C Brightening Peel 

Peel Level :Med-High
Skin Type: All skin types, particularly normal to dry, sun damaged, sensitive, dull, uneven and dehydrated.
Benefits: Improves dry skin, lightens age and dark spots, lessens fine lines, nourishes and brightens skin’s surface.
Ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are mild, naturally occurring acids that help soften and remove the stiff, damaged cells on the skin’s surface. Vitamin C, a proven antioxidant found in the skin helps prevent sun spots and lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation by helping to fight and prevent age and sun related damage. The combination of lactic and glycolic acids with vitamin c seamlessly work together to reveal smoother, healthier and younger looking radiant skin.